Episode #06: Finding Family with Margaret E. Ward (Part 2)

ITJ Episode 06

In the sixth episode of the Inside the Journey podcast John & Nelson continue their talk with Margaret E. Ward author of Missing Mila, Finding Family. She talks about the history of El Salvador and her thoughts on the film.

Show Notes


  • a conversation about context for importance of including understanding of these events to historical memory … set context for violence of Civil War (i.e. setting the scene for a North American audience). complex, but also jarring to audience like scene from Argo. 2 readings- story of Mama Chila's father's death p. 116 The story of how Eva got her name. p 118.
  • conversation transitions to relevance to our world today. segue into Guatemala today.  … the importance of looking back at these events, even all these years later.  3 discussion topics to bring in … This american life piece on Dos Erres and Oscar Alfredo Ramírez Castañeda ... overturning of verdict from genocide trial of Rios Montt ...Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.


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