Episode #04: What's next for the film?

ITJ Episode 04

Last week we launched the first episode of the podcast we just wanted to say thank you. This will be a little weird because you are hearing this two weeks (May 26th) later but it means a lot to us. We would love to hear form you and what you think about the podcast so far.

This week we are going to be talking about whats next for the film.

Show Notes


What is next for the film?

  • Vision for the film
    ** A high quality product
    ** Producing a 45 minute piece (Act I)
    ** What we want to accomplish
  • The next six months
    ** Podcast
    ** Finish editing
    ** Wrapping up 1st campaign
    ** 2nd Campaign
  • Beyond six months
    ** Two more acts (II & III)
    ** Where else we would like to go


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